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It was May 2010

when Oscar Casorran,

founder & managing director of Amigo Food Group, moved to London. He came as a freelance olive oil export manager. With an extensive background experience due to his family businesses as Oil producers in Andalucia from his mother’s side & Butchers from his father’s side.

3 years later...

Amigo Food Group was founded

On the 24th of May of 2013, it was exactly after 3 years moving to London that Amigo Food
 Group was created. This involved investing all his life savings, a good business plan, lots of 
motivation, persistency, common sense and the wiliness to work 24/7.

With just one van

& 15.000Kg of paella

That’s how Paella Amigo Ltd started, which after a few weeks of trading was about to be
 renamed as Amigo Food due to the wide range of ingredients added in to the selling list.
The name was completed when Oscar had meal in Spain with a friend. Having an after lunch
 chat over good coffee & liquor Oscar’s friend, Juan, suggested to add Group at the end of the
 company name… Amigo Food GROUP, they both concluded this sounded more corporative,
 from then on Amigo Food Group became the trading name of Paella Amigo Ltd. Just one of 
those things in life…


the story continues

At Amigo Food Group we keep looking into the future and are in constant search of better
 solutions, ingredients and service for our customers. Therefore, we feel the need to run a re-
branding for all our communications as well as launching a new website, which we hope you
 find attractive and interesting.